Backpack all-over Fox


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Backpack all-over Fox
A whole bag full of foxes. How cool is that? Are you crazy about predators, and especially foxes, then you can stop now scrolling through websites. You simply need this one! Take a good look at the details of this all-over backpack Fox. The print is all around. So wherever you look: front, back, sides … beautiful fox heads adorn everywhere. The all-over backpack is known for its generous size. A bag that can therefore be used for many purposes. If you want to stay a  night over, then there is enough room for your pyjamas, toiletry bag, clean underwear and extra set of clothes. But also for school this backpack is super cute. Hold your talk about your favorite animal: the fox. Really cool when you get all the necessary stuff from this fox backpack. Of course you are economical on your backpack, but with this example something will not happen soon. The shoulder straps have extra reinforcement on the attachment points. Moreover, they are soft ergonomic, which ensures a high wearing comfort. And if there is some dirt stuck in your bag, this is not a problem due to the washable nylon lining. The bag opens and closes very smoothly thanks to the chromed zipper puller, with a good profile for extra grip. Did you know that the zipper even has the same color as the bag? For extra small items the backpack has a handy inner pocket. Nice detail is the anti-rain-in-roof at the front pocket. The designers of the all-over backpacks really think about everything. The backpack is suitable for all ages, but especially popular with adolescents and hip adults.

Product data and general information
This backpack has an warm yellow color and the print is all around. The material is made of PVC and nylon, and the bag is 40 centimeters wide and 35 centimeters high. The depth is 17 centimeters. Closure is through a zipper and a nice extra is the inside pocket with zipper. There is a hanging loop at the back of the backpack



Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 45 × 35 × 17 cm
Amount of big pockets


Attaching shoulder straps

Double stitched and reinforced with canvas / nylon and nail


28 cm


17 cm

Extra pocket with zipper

At the front side, Inside

Suitable for laptop

13.3 inch + 33,78 cm, very strong material but not foamed. Laptop might be damaged


40 cm

Material lining




Hanging loop

On top at the backside

Wallet pocket

Small pocket with zipper inside


Two extra long shoulder straps




Water repellent


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